Gostol ТSТ является всемирно известным производителем дробеметного оборудования с более чем шестидесятилетней историей. Благодаря представителям в более чем 20 странах и компаниям в России, Индии и Китае у нас есть хороший доступ к нашим клиентам, и мы можем гарантировать быстрое и надежное обслуживание.

Important milestones

We offer you an overall solution, as we have our own development, engineering, production and after-sales service. Our production program includes shot blasting machines, blast rooms, vibratory finishing machines, automated blasting solutions and blast cabinets.

Gostol RU

We want to have quality and quick access to our Russian customers.

Gostol IN

Machines in Gostol IN are made in India and designed in Europe.

Gostol CN

Our youngest company covers China and neighboring markets.


We are located in the heart of Europe and have good coverage of all Europe.