Rules of the play contest »Stay with us«!

The winner of play contest is Dragan Mešič.

Rules and terms of participation of the play contest »Stay with us«!

1. Information about the play contest organizer

Organizer of the play contest »Stay with us« is Gostol TST d.d., Čiginj 63, 5220 Tolmin.

2. The purpose of the play contest
The purpose of the play contest is to thank the clients for their loyalty.

3. Timeline
The campaign will take place from 21st May to 31st May 2018, and will be communicated exclusively via e-mail to the current receivers of Gostol TST email news. All information provided by the users is collected by the organizer of the play contest. The winner of the play contest will be known until 8th June 2018.

4. Participants
This play contest is intended exclusively for the recipients of Gostol TST email news.

5. Rules of participation and course of play contest

By participating in this play contest, the participants confirm that they are acquainted with the rules of the play contest and accept them and agree with them. Authentic interpretation of these rules is determined exclusively by the organizer. The condition for participation in the play contest is a renewed consent for receiving Gostol TST news. The consent is carried out by clicking the »I AGREE« button in the email. With this action, their name is actually placed on the list of names, among which at the end of the play contest we will draw one winner.

6. Prize
The main prize is cycling jersey.

The prize can not be exchanged nor demanded for equivalent amount.

7. Determining the winners and informing the winners

Organizer of play contest will notify who is the winner no later than on 8th June 2018 until 12.00 pm. The winner will be determine on the basis of a non-public draw and will be published in web page Gostol TST. The winner in the play contest allows the organizer to publish the information (name and surname) on the web page.

If the winner fails to meet the conditions for participation or the conditions for the acceptance of the prize, the next winner shall be announced with new draw.

The organizer will inform the winner also by email.

8. Acceptation of the prize
In order to receive the prize, after the writing appeal, the winner must submit the following personal information: name, surname and address. For the purpose of informing about the acceptance of the prize, the winner needs to send contact phone number.

The winner must send his information to at the latest 6 days after receiving the notice of receipt of the prize.

The organizer reserves the right not to give a prize if:

  • The winner doesn’t meet the conditions for acceptance of the prize,
  • It is found out that the participant in the play contest participated in contradiction with the terms and conditions of play contest, the winner does not send the required information for acceptance of the prize by email.

9. Other provisions
By agreeing with the rules of play contest, the participants agree and declare that:

  • Gostol TST can publicly announce their name and surname on the Gostol TST web page, in case they are recipients of the prize
  • If the winner fails to provide the necessary information within seven days after the date of appeal, he loses the right to a prize without the right to any compensation. In these cases, the organizer is free from all obligations to the winner.
  • Persons under the age of 18 must submit a written consent from their parents or a legal guardian to the organizer, at the same time with the data referred to in paragraph 2 of this article, and at the latest until the award is received.
  • Gostol TST will process and store personal data of participants in accordance with the Gostol TST privacy rules.
  • Gostol TST reserves the right to change the rules of the play contest and the right not to give the prize. For all possible disputes arising from a play contest, which cannot be settled consensually, the court in Nova Gorica is competent.

These rules shall enter into force on 18th May 2018.